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Well made app

Clear and easy to use, with lots of useful categories. Thanks!


The only way to learn Greek online in an effective way and at your own pace. great job guys!

Great App

I learned more Greek from this app than from all the shitty Greekschools Ive been going to for 10 years :)

Excellent app

Wonderful app with clear audio and great vocabulary

Awesome app

Just started using this app and having had any crash yet. So far its an awesome app. Easy to learn and allows you to repeat words while knowing the meaning to them.


A great app for beginners. Easy interface. Lots of topics. The only minor setback is that there is no "back/previous" button.

Great App

Great app with easy access, saves time and so efficient


Fun and educational!! Poly orea :)


As a free program; it is quite good


Useful to have idea about words in Greek. It would be nice if there was an greek-latin alphabet section.

Thanks for every language

Really useful

Thank you

For your hard work on this app, its really useful!!!

Good one!

Easy to use, well designed. Useful to begin

Does not teach

You can not learn Greek as an absolute beginner with this app. With elementary Greek as a base, you can practice your vocabulary. Some English words are misspelled in the app, for what thats worth.

Fun app

I am going back to Greece after living there 24 years ago. I am brushing up so I can communicate some in Greek. App is good and is really helping!


This is a good basic tool to get started. I may buy the next version.

My Greek Review

This app is AMAZING!!!!! I have always wanted to learn Greek, and this app is perfect! 5 ⭐️s! 5 ⭐️s!

Expects u to know it

You seem to need to already know Greek to do anything with this app. I try clicking on the different categories but it wont tell me what anything is.

Helpful for basic vocabulary

I have taken a basic Greek class and wanted something to help me practice words and hear their proper pronunciation. This app met my expectations for that. I am planning to use it to expose my son to the language as well.

NOT good for total beginners

I know no Greek, and this was not a good introduction to it. It doesnt give you the alphabet to start so you dont understand what letters are making which sounds, and, unlike other Greek apps, it does not use the English alphabet spelling/pronunciation of the word underneath the Greek alphabet spelling to help you how to say it. Also, the audio goes very fast so it is even harder to understand, repeat, and learn the word. And aside from the clear issues of content, the app itself was poorly made. The vocabulary section for greetings (which is for some strange reason on the second page even though that would probably be the best place to start learning) is spelled "Greatings." Did no one look over this app? Every time I open this app, it has a notification asking for a rating (and in the notification, the word "please" is all-too-colloquially spelled "plz" several times, begging for a rating), so heres my review: this app is absolutely horrible. What a waste of time.

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