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This is a nice app for beginners and those who need some refreshment to her vocabulary. Would be great if it had some advances stuff both in terms of vocabulary and grammar.


Its a cool app but it would be better if you could learn the alphabet and the words first ao you know what to do instead of guessing

4 stars

Its okay.... Im starting out with learning colors and Im pretty good at it. I like this app because its not that hard to learn. However.. The app should add a quiz to where you cant hear what the word sounds like to pick its match.. And all the quizzes have it to where you can hear the pronunciation.. And it makes it too easy. But overall, I think its a good app to learn the basic Greek.. I just dont know when my Greek vocabulary will come in handy LOL

Love it!

Used this along w the book Get Your Greek On. Perfect combo to get you going. Now using this to build my vocab along with my pronunciation and tenses. Highly recommended.

Good vocabulary refresher

Nice extensive vocabulary, good for brushing up. I like the nice clear enunciation of the words.

Good app

Its good app for easy words

love it!

I love this app. It teaches a very wide variety of things, but I wish it taught the alphabet.

Great app

I already spoke a bit of Greek, and this app helped me tons. The vocabulary provided is helpful, the variety of vocabulary themes is great, and the multiple methods for learning and studying made this app arguably the best app for learning Greek. The only reason arguably is because they didnt provide the alphabet. Even though I already knew it, it would still be nice for beginners. Regardless, I love this app and I recommend anyone to use use it if they want to learn Greek.

Excellent Greek language app

This app is fantastic! It is the best foreign language learning tool I have ever used. It incorporates reading, writing, audio and speaking. There is a feature with which you can record your voice and repeat the word that youve just heard, and then play it back and listen to how you pronounced it. Im wondering if there are similar apps for different languages. I could not be happier with this!

Very nice!

Very nice App!


Great app easy and helpful

Too many words but fun and helpful

Break the words in too smaller categories please

Great app!

I already know some Greek so I like it because it helps me brush up my skills. I think its good for beginners as well because it covers just about everything.

No translation

It pronounces the Greek words and tells you if you get the answer right, but nowhere does it give a study list with the correct answer so you can actually learn the right word. Getting the right answer is always a guess.

Great app

Its is a great app and really helpful. But it needs to start off with the basics like what the letters are(since they arent the same as most other languages) It is a lot easier if you go online and find out what the basics are before taking these lessons.


I learned Greek when u was younger. I could still understand things but not speak or read it. This has helped me a lot. Ive had it for a day and learned so much. I very strongly recommend this app. Best one yet!

Great App

No ads, easy platform.


I love this app!!

Nice app

As long as u know about the basic things of Greek, this app is gonna be pretty helpful for everyone to learn vocabularies. Even as the third language

Well done vocabulary builder!

This is a slick little app. I speak a little Greek so this was perfect for vocabulary building. It covers a very useful set of vocabulary and the options for reading, hearing, repeating each word are great! I loved being able to repeat the audio of the word as often and fast as I wanted and to try my pronunciation against the models over and over. Very nice job! Thank-you!

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