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Fun and easy! Just as promised

Easy and fun way of learnjng

I like it

Good reading voice and nice basic vocabulary base~

Good but needs a work-over

Reading voice and vocabulary are great, the clapping is too loud and annoying. Problematic is wrong vocabulary e.g it says anikto but the spelling is φως

Not enough

The app only gives you words. It does not teach you how to formulate sentences, or use proper grammar. Id love a refund.

Good app

Decent app for the general Language. Lots of info


Good app ...... Thank you

Pop ups r Us

Wow, I had this APP for 5mins and Ive been attacked with Pop ups!!!

Good learning app

Good app to have if you are wanting to learn Greek, or go to Greece

Not so bad, not so good! Just ok!!

Its not that good but I am telling the truth because I dont really get the handwriting in Greek I only understand what it says if its English Greek!!!

Great App - lots to learn!

This app is so well organized, it makes it easy to work through everything. It breaks it down per subject and you can even hear the words being pronounced. What a great learning tool!

Wow free and good

This app was free so i was going to try it and delete it when it asks for my money, but it doesnt! Its better than some paid apps, great job guys!

Excellent A +++

I love this program it allows you to learn the language in a very short time. Thank you very much !!!

Amazing app

Better than any paid apps. Bravo !!


This app is pretty awesome! Im trying to learn Greek and it helps a lot. Only problem is that it crashes a lot. Hope they fix this soon. Really nice app, thanks :)

Awesome !!

Im a Canadian born greek attempting to learn greek and boy is this app really helping ! Great app hands down.

Pretty good.

A few of the words have the same picture, or are very similar to other words/images. Other than that I like it.

Very good

This app is really good to learn greek. But if there was a game to learn the alphabet it would be the greatest job ive ever seen for an app

Great app

Great app . Easy to use and its free and fun :)


great app. needs dictionary...occasional crashes


A really good app and very helpful but it crashes every time I open it. :(

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