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Brilliant app

Could not believe my eyes! Well- made and handy

Easy, quick, practical

Many options easy to deal with, clear pronunciation. I love the spelling option!!! Useful to begin with

Good for Basics and Refresher

Simple, easy to use, and kind of fun. We moved to Greece two years ago and have language lessons but Im always looking for some fill in material and this fits the bill.


Excellent app for vocabulary - flash cards, games, all of it!


Not the best designed app from a pedagogical perspective. The vocab lists are really long and there is no context anywhere. There is no indicator of where you should start - greetings, for example, are hidden on the second page of the app. Also, there is no real underlying methodology for showing you how the language works or how to communicate. There are pretty much just lists of words. Also - you will need a separate tutorial for learning the Greek alphabet. That said, it is free, and their pronunciation is good. Use this app to help you learn Greek vocabulary. You will need additional easy reading material and someone to speak to in order to actually learn to communicate in Greek. One star for being free. One more star for good pronunciation.

Lives up to its advertisement!

It is indeed basic, but easy to use and fun in its approach... exactly as advertised!


Its a good app for basic knowledge :)

Helping me with Greek

I have found this app helpful with my exploration of the Greek language.


I learned to be a conversation but at the same time didnt like how they dont have the Alphabet, would help me alot more to pronounce single letters.

Great App

I have learned a lot from this app. I understand the concerns about the alphabet, but I disagree that it is a shortcoming of the app. I have gotten the alphabet just by continuing to push through, even when it was uncomfortable. Very helpful app.

Blarb T^T

Its really helpful and nice. I only wish it taught in order like lessons instead of BOOM HERES YOUR INFO DO SOMETHING USEDUL WITH IT LIKE STAND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREAT IN RUSH HOUR besides that its awesome. ._.

Good for learning

Its good just cant hear the audio?

Fine for Vocabulary

This app has an ok vocabulary stock to work with. It is useless for grammar, which makes it feel kind of impotent, but hey. Sometimes youll have two English words in a category which are spelled and sound the same in Greek. That in itself is not a problem, but sometimes both Greek answers will come up for the same question, and one will arbitrarily be wrong.


Awesome! I learned a lot

Good app

The only reason I didnt give it 5 stars is because of some errors in the system where things are not as they should be. For instance, when you click on a photo, nothing happens or another photo suddenly is clicked. Otherwise a really good learning tool for someone like me who knows a bit of greek grammar and just forgot the words or nouns. I use it every day and it is helping.


I think its great. Im LDS and want to go spend a mission in Greece.

Love it

I love it. Its just that it will bug you to write a review for it

Very helpful

My goal was to be able say 10 new words a day. This app is great for correcting my pronunciation, as well as getting as getting a better sense of Greek orthography.

Basic Greek - Perfect!!

This wont teach you how to be fluent but it definitely will get you started! I knew NOTHING and now I know basic words :) a great free start! love it!!


Very useful app. Interface could be better.

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