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Helpful App

Im Greek , and sometimes when I go to Greece to see my grandparents I dont know how to say everything , but now I learned a lot of words

Nicely Done

Great for building beginner vocabulary.

Greek app

This is the best app but I gave it 4 stars because it keeps exiting me out

The app

This app isnt for veggies I agree but it was so great it took for ever to look stuff for stuff on the Internet and this app is just what I needed it made it so much easier for me

Good for vocabulary only

I enjoyed working with this program to build my vocabulary. The pictures and pronunciations were helpful. However I was actually looking for a program with dialogue. Im using this to build my vocabulary but will keep looking for a different app

Good for intermediate students

The grouping of words and phrases is kinda weird. There are better ones out there.

Works well.

Maybe not for absolute beginners but a nice app if you already know the Greek alphabet.

Fun, but needs tweaking

Im learning some basic words and how they sound, but more conversational Greek should be included. Like, hello, how are you?, etc. Also, some of the words could be better organized. For example, the family section should start with closer relatives like mother and father. Thank you for making a free, fun app, though.

Its good but not the best

For beginners its pretty tough! But if you know a little bit of Greek its really helpful app!


Pretty bad


Even though it does not introduce me to the basic. Like letters and sounds I still learn a little.


Im getting the hang of it i am a beginner so its a little hard but I learn fast


This app is great to learn Greek

Good vocabulary builder

In the beginning when I didnt know the Greek alphabet I mainly used the spelling quiz because it familiarized me with the vocabulary and the alphabet. Then once I knew some of the words in the category I would move on to other types of quiz. An alphabet category would be really helpful. Also there are a couple of mistakes "cap" is translated as "κάπα" (with an image of a baseball cap) but apparently means cape!

Excellent tool for people who took the time to learn the alphabet first.

Firstly, a message to those who complained about the lack of alphabet: there are apps for Greek alphabet. I learned it from a Google search of "Greek alphabet". This app is perfectly broken down into groups of English words into a Greek vocabulary building powerhouse.

Greek is cooool

I love Greece is is a spectacular place it is Awsome

Great start!

I wish there was more of a plan, or a path of learning, but overall a great app. Thank you!!


This is a fun and easy way to pick up some Greek vocabulary. The content is mostly nouns, I would love to see some verbs as well so that someone could start constructing basic sentences. Overall, a useful tool and great way to learn.

Nice portable review app for Greek

Im trying to learn Greek and though I am a beginner, Ive had some experience. this app is good to learn and review vocabulary. But so far not so much the crammed which has been difficult for me. This is a great portable review resource but you should use it in conjunction with another learning resource like the Pimsleur approach or Rosetta Stone to get full use of it

Not bad

Not bad, but it should have an early stage where it would teach the Greek alphabet first

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